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LUMISHORE SUPRA Lumi-Link Bridge Module.

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Lumi-Link MFD Bridge Module

Control Your Lights Directly From Your Multi-Function Display

Lumi-Link MFD Bridge Module allows full control of your Lumishore EOS Series or SUPRA Series lighting system directly from your compatible MFD with Lumishore’s award-winning full functionality.

The compact Bridge Module simply connects to the MFD with a single plug-&-play connector and you’re done! The device is recognized and the Lumishore icon is displayed on the main screen.

Select a color from the touchscreen color palette quickly and easily, adjust intensity, or choose from any one of the many in-built effects like strobe, sweep* or cycle modes. And for the ultimate party accessory, choose ‘Sound-to-Light’* mode by selecting the media player along with your favorite song and watch the lights dance to the music. *Features of EOS Series.

The Lumi-Link Bridge Module also allows for second-station control using Lumishore’s EOS Min-i or STV2203-i color controllers, or the SUPRA i-Connect Hub & Switch. 

• Learn more about the Lumi-Link Black Box Module to control your EOS Series lights without an additional controller.

• Watch a quick demonstration video on our Vimeo or YoutTube channel (English & Italian subtitles available, choose in settings).

• Read what Superyacht News learned  about Lumi-Link from their behind-the-scenes visit to Lumishore’s headquarters in Swansea, UK.

Key Features & Benefits:

• Lumi-Link provides full-featured lighting control directly from your compatible MFD 

• Lumi-Link Bridge Module allows for second-station control with a Lumishore compatible controller

• Wi-Fi control via iOS connected device (via MFD Wi-Fi)

• Specifically designed for ease of installation

• Compatibility:  Now available for Garmin MFD’s with OneHelm™Integration



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