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for use with THX/TIX SUPRA thru-hull models

Specially designed junction box (hub) for THX/TIX403, 803, & 1603 SUPRA Series underwater lights. Designed for ease of installation, including plug-&-play connections. Compatible with SUPRA i-Connect Hub Switch or as interface between Lumi-Link MFD (multi-function display)  Bridge and compatible MFD (e.g. Garmin OneHelm™.  Each Hub supports up to 4 x THX/TIX SUPRA fixtures. A maximum of four i-Connect SUPRA Hubs may be linked together allowing expansion to up to 16 lights.

  • Provides simple plug-&-play installation 
  • Compatible with SUPRA i-Connect Hub Switch
  • Interface between Lumi-Link Bridge & MFD (multi-function display)
  • Built in switching power relay
  • Replaceable fuses
  • Built in noise filter

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