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Cylinder  Pair – Ocean Technologies

* Power Trim:

It handles of a new concept of trim tab system, consisting of a revolutionary electro-mechanical movement.

It is powerful, precise, trouble- free, and, contrarily to the hydraulic mode, it doesn’t need a maintenance service or an expensive installation.

Shaft made of stainless steel and nylon glass fiber.

Body without any hydraulic tube.

Equipped with stainless steel hinge swivel.

Possibility of turning at 180° without problems.

the stern mounting plates and the flaps are interchangeable with Bennett cylinders.


Designed to improve the boat performance, these trim tabs reduce fuel consumption and improve stability in trimming the boats.

Manufactured in 304 stainless steel, they are easy to fit and to adjust, and can be mounted on different sizes of boats, according to the engine power.

Made of stainless steel, model fitted with 2.5 mm thickness and special swivelling hinge; the flap can rotate 180° without forcing or breaking the transom bracket. Can be mounted:

1) with our electro-mechanical cylinders or using the Bennett hydraulic models.

Available in 12 and 24 Volt

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