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S39TSS Stainless steel tube for S39SS

51.20 (Vat Included)

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S39 – 31916F
Clamp block in marine aluminum and stainless steel
  S40 – 31917G
Splashwell mounting, corrosion resistant
S55 – 34744A
90° rudder support, corrosion resistant
  S61 – 36191S
Clamp block, corrosion resistant painted steel
S62 – 38830H
Same design as S61, smaller dimensions
  S39T – 53930J
Tube only for S39
S40T – 53935O
Tube only for S40
Steering cable supports with stainless steel tube also available:
S39SS – 41551X S61SS – 41554D S39TSS – 72971W – Stainless steel tube for S39SS
S40SS – 41552Z S62SS – 41555F S40TSS – 72972Y – Stainless steel tube for S40SS
S55SS – 41553B  
A5O – 31473Q
Connection kit for Yamaha® engines
A73SS – 41255T
Stainless steel tiller arm for some Mercury® engines
A74SS – 41256V
Stainless steel tiller arm for some Johnson®, Evinrude®, BRP® engines
A75 – 34459X

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