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The narrow footprint and smart back of the Compass toilet gives maximum space and maximum flexibility wherever it is installed on board. It can go straight to wall or even further towards the hull thanks to the cut away. The Compass is not limited by a vertical back. In this way the visual installation remains perfect, whatever installation space you have. The small footprint and the hose design facilitate a very easy installation. The discharge pipes can easily be connected either below the step or surface mounted in all directions. By having both a high and a short profile, the Compass range offers the maximum flexibility on board.

The performance of the macerator pump meets all quality standards, while the technology inside the toilet has been further developed to keep the sound emission to the lowest level possible, while limiting the water and electrical consumption to minimal levels. The installation, plumbing and wiring is easy and fast, with virtually no maintenance.

Both Compass High and Short version are equipped with an innovative soft closing system. A gentle finger touch to the lid activates the soft-close damper mechanism which controls the closing speed of the cover. In addition to user convenience, a slow-closing lid keeps noise to a minimum and prevents potential damage to the toilet seat.

The softclose damper mechanism is a design original to Tecma.

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